There Is A Lot The World Doesn’t Know About Peter Briger

When Forbes named Peter Briger one of the world's top billionaires in 2007, many people were not shocked. Some of the people, who know how this man has gained his wealth, do not marvel to learn that Forbes ranked him number In fact, what continues to shock the world is how this man continues to grow his wealth in spite of what Peter Briger does. Peter is a true philanthropic individual. He shares what he has with others. This is what makes his wealth to grow each year.

Peter Briger is the current co-chairman and the third principal of the financial investment group, Fortress Investment Group. Before joining Fortress, Peter worked for several other financial firms. Perhaps, this is what prepared him for what now seems a lofty position at Fortress Investment Group. Working with this asset financial institution has helped Peter raise in ranks as days go. Fortress Investment Group has many other subsidiaries, which Peter is part of our chairs and more

When the Forbes report was out in 2007, it showed that Peter Briger's self-made wealth was worth $2.3 billion. Peter has a degree in Arts from the Princeton University and an MBA, which he received from the University of Pennsylvania. Together with his wife, Peter has four children. Prior to joining FIG, Peter spent 15 years with Goldman Sachs. While here, Briger had a chance to chair or at least take part in several committees. He personally arranged and presided over several committees. He continues to do the same while he is with Fortress Investment Group. Even with such massive wealth and a tight schedule, Peter Briger opts to assist others. He does so by spending the time to coach others by giving them tips and financial support. Peter runs a hedge fund, in which he has helped many people grow their various businesses. He has even gone back to Princeton University, where he got his first degree to mentor others. Together with former students, Peter Briger has organized a fund that is aimed at supporting startups in Princeton. He has offered his own donation to the fund in support of the Princeton community.