Steps Bobby Kotick is taking to improve Activision Blizzard culture

Due to the increasing number of lawsuits at Activision Blizzard, the CEO decided to come up with measures to change the company culture. Bobby Kotick even promised to take a pay cut and work on the issues that employees have been raising. There have been widespread claims of workplace misconduct. To deal with the different issues that affect the employees, the CEO decided to commit and come up with several measures that will work to solve the issues at the workplace.

Zero-tolerance to the harassment policy

Activision Blizzard aims at introducing zero tolerance to harassment policy. The policy will aim at handing stiff penalties to those who will be caught violating the employment laws at the different sections of the company. They aim at investigating the issues thoroughly before coming up with the right strategies to deal with different issues that affect the employees. The measures will contribute to preventing the further spread of the vices at the company.

Encourage diverse talent in the company

The company is dedicated to encouraging diverse talents at the company by employing more female employees. There have been claims of discrimination and the aim to employ more women will work towards addressing the issues related to discrimination. The CEO works with other experts to come up with the strategies.

Getting feedback from employees

To get the real perspective of things in the company, Activision Blizzard CEO intends to introduce a feedback program where employees will be asked to offer feedback to the management team. Employees will be empowered to report any form of misconduct and they will not be retaliated against. The decision will work towards making the employees at the company get the necessary support they need to succeed in their workplace. The CEO promises to report back to the board regularly about the progress they will be making in addressing the different issues that have been raised in the company by employees. Read more by visiting