PosiGen Driving Its Mission With An Impact In The Community

PosiGen has taken the lead in providing the community with affordable energy. Its main goal is to ensure clients enjoy the reduced cost of electricity. The energy firm, which started after helping the People of New Orleans due to Hurricane Katrina, has touched many people. Solar energy from PosiGen comes in handy with various benefits to the environment and the user. It makes the air clean as there is no pollution. 


It also adds aesthetic value to homes, among other benefits. PosiGen has continued to focus on its customers. The energy providing firm has introduced the PosiGen solar program. It will help customers make their dream realized with access to solar energy. With the guided instructions, they can access the services from the PosiGen company. Further, the company has continually offered other services after the solar panel installation. 


With the provision of company experts, clients enjoy maintenance and monitoring services, among others. PosiGen has been clear on identifying other energy losses and air leaks for the various homes of clients. Therefore, through their Home Energy Audit, it has been on its height to offer satisfactory solutions that range from blower door testing, window & door assessment, among many others. By reducing such calamities, customers can also enjoy lower bills and increased comfort in their homes, among others. 

The experienced solar power company also offers other upgrades for clients, including the water heater insulation jacket, duct repair and sealing, and others. PosiGen has been recognized in the community for lifting the marginalized people. It has offered job opportunities to women, especially those of color. The PosiGen company’s growth has impacted over 18,000 people. Clients have pushed the brand through positive reviews. PosiGen continues to stay committed to goals through affordability.