Eric Lefkofsky Tells Us About the Lens Platform by Tempus

Tempus is among the leading organizations in precision medicine and artificial intelligence. The organization recently announced that it would launch an analytics platform known as Lens. The Lens Platform is cloud-based. According to healthcare expert and business leader Eric Lefkofsky, the platform ensures researchers and scientists working in pharmaceutical and biotechnology firms have access to de-identified molecular and clinical datasets. 


Also, with Lens, you’ll have access to the latest analytical tools that use artificial intelligence to accelerate the rate at which drugs are discovered and developed. According to Eric Lefkofsky, Lens ensures the users can analyze, access, and also build upon the data library by Tempus in an environment that is optimized. With Lens, you can also extract insights within a short period. 


Entrepreneur, businessman and CEO Eric Lefkofsky alongside his team have ensured that physicians and researchers can take advantage of the database by Tempus. Using Lens, you can formulate patient cohorts that are targeted. Also, silico will come in handy if you want to simulate clinical trials. Lens also allows the users to work with the computational biologists at Tempus by Eric Lefkofsky (Patch). 


Working closely with such professionals makes it possible to uncover some unique insights and analyze datasets. When analyzing data using Lens, you can make use of open-source tools by Tempus. The cloud-based environment will also come in handy. Keep in mind that at the Lens platform from Tempus, you are also allowed to apply your own proprietary tools to your data. According to Eric Lefkfofsky, it is the first time that real-world data is being used to accelerate the drug discovery process. The data library by Tempus had reached an enormous scale, and it was imperative to formulate Lens to make it easy for physicians to navigate the database.