Entrepreneur Andrew Frame Discusses How Citizen Is Changing The World’s Level Of Safety

Founder and CEO of Citizen, Andrew Frame, was recently featured on Idea Mensch to discuss his passion for innovation and how Citizen has the potential to revolutionize the power of safety in local communities. Citizen leverages proprietary intelligence along with information that is obtained from local 911 data to keep people safe. It is truly a revolutionary platform that is changing the way people everywhere view their safety potential. Andrew has always been called toward technology and innovation.

Andrew Frame is a talented software programmer that created his first company at the young age of 15. He joined the legendary company Cisco System at just 17 years old and has pioneered his way through the technology space ever since.

Andrew Frame came up with the idea for Citizen App after deciding his next venture should not only be done at a global level but should tangibly create an avenue that would improve the world. He brought Citizen to life by surrounding himself with a team of mission-oriented people that share his drive, believing that surrounding oneself with people who are actually smarter than himself has been his key to success and growth. In his article on Idea Mensch, Andrew Frame also stated that he brings his ideas to fruition by always prioritizing from the ground up.

As a successful entrepreneur, Frame states that making sure he focuses on having strong passions outside of work in order to increase his productivity. He advises those seeking success to continue embracing new hobbies and discovering new passions. For him, that includes reading and continually educating himself. This is where he gets a great deal of his inspiration. He also advises to always take feedback from the user seriously in order to understand how to evolve and adapt a product or idea to meet the needs of users. Visit this page for additional information.


Find more information about him on https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Citizen_(app)