DroppTV CEO Gurps Rai Focuses On Innovation

Programming Insider’s article entitled “From Cryptocurrency to Experiential Shopping: How droppTV CEO Gurps Rai Has Built a Career Based on Innovation”, talks about how the revolutionary of cryptocurrency, changed the world streaming and shopping media platform forever.

Gurps Rai is an entrepreneur who has worked in the retail and financial sector during the course of his career. Today he is the chief executive officer of DroppTV. His company specializes in providing consumers with a shopping streaming platform. The streaming platform uses artificial intelligence and video technology to provide visual displays of various products being sold.

DroppTV works with artists and retailers who are looking to promote merchandise on the streaming platform. With this streaming platform, consumers can click on an item they want to purchase and then receive it. Since introducing DroppTV, Rai has developed one of the most innovative marketing and advertising solutions.

When Gurps Rai founded droppTV, the company achieved instant success. It made over $40,000 in revenue during its first day. His company collaborated with top companies such as Chow Lee and Ashanti in order to promote quality products to consumers on a regular basis. With instant success, Gurps Rai has proven that he has the ability to anticipate the latest trends in advertising and retail.

During a recent interview, Rai said that augmented reality will become more common on the internet. He also said that augmented reality will establish itself as one of the top trends in the marketing and advertising industries as well. As a result, his company will be at the forefront of this new phenomenon.

Before founding droppTV, Gurps Rai worked in finance where he was involved in introducing cryptocurrency. With the invention of this new digital currency, businesses and consumers have been able to complete financial transactions without any banking regulations.

This enabled businesses to receive revenues more efficiently, increase their profits and also help consumers save money by avoiding banking fees. After working in finances for a number of years, Rai decided to work in the marketing field and eventually started up the company he runs today. Click here to learn more.


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