Citizen App Now Offers Connections to Safety Agents

The leading crime alert app Citizen App has recently launched one of its latest features. It will now begin offering its subscribers access to live safety agents in order to assist them during an emergency. Since many people who are nearby a crime scene are often stressed out, these safety agents can provide them with guidance in order to remain safe while in a dangerous location.

Citizen App helps people remain safe by providing them with content provided by local crowds as well as police scanner traffic. These features help notify app users in the United States of any crimes or dangerous events that are currently taking place where they are present. While this app has provided people with information about pending danger in a location, it has been criticized for encouraging people to engage in vigilantism. One of the most recent incidents involved a $30,000 bounty for a man who was wrongly accused of committing arson in May of 2021.

Citizen App recently introduced the new feature Protect in 2021. With this new feature, the app can monitor the location of a given subscriber if they believe that they are not safe. The app will then connect the subscriber through a video or interaction via text with an employee of Citizen. Once connected to the Citizen employee, the subscriber can make a 911 call and receive assistance from a first responder.

As well as making 911 calls, a Citizen App employee can also assist subscribers by calling or texting a person’s emergency contacts. They can also reveal a public incident alert in order to inform others about a dangerous situation in their local vicinity. This feature is available to anyone who uses the app. With the release of Protect, Citizen is now looking to provide people with an alternative to 911. Visit this page, for additional information.


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