Alejandro Betancourt Works at Hawkers Proof He is Very Resourceful

Transformation is the key to adaptability and survival for any business in this global era. Unimaginable as it can be, there are numerous success stories of companies that started way back. As a trading website for second-hand goods in Spain, the sky was the limit for these resilient entrepreneurs. Alejandro, with his brother David Moreno and a group of friends, named it Saldum.

Their first commodity was a pair of cheap but classy sunglasses tagged along by one of their friends. They quickly realized that the pair garnered interest from most people, and that’s how they culminated its potential as a resalable product. Consequently, this marked the birth of Hawkers Company. They dug into their pockets and acquired their first stock of Knockarounds, an American sunglasses brand.

The product quickly sold out, and the rising demand for the item was overwhelming to them. However, they decided to bring in an investor, Alejandro Betancourt, who catered for Hawkers’ financial incapacity as well as help stabilize the company. This stunt saw the company outperform a multimillion firm through its growing reputation of inexpensive quality sunglasses. This success came with its fair share of challenges as the company was facing an increase in its operational expenses.

Alejandro Betancourt best sought out a strategy for Hawkers to develop its manufacturing plant and produce its brand. Nevertheless, Hawkers continued to provide affordable and quality products in addition, laying its focus on customer satisfaction. Under the leadership of Alejandro Betancourt, the firm took to rely on influencer marketing that saw the firm partner with celebrities in various sectors. It also brought a collaboration with respectable brands such as Mercedes Benz, Ford and even clothing companies.

The company also produce limited edition products for their cooperate clients. With the help of Alejandro Betancourt, it has successfully grown its online presence that has generated most of its sales to date. Alejandro’s exceptional business skills to develop even new cooler products.

Alejandro Betancourt is a business visionary and entrepreneur in a variety of sectors. He is a decorated scholar with two degrees in economics and business administration.