Alejandro Betancourt Continues To Transform Hawkers An Eye Sunglasses Selling Company

New start-ups should not take the impression that success comes easily or by night. There are many setbacks along the way, some of which will bring them down if not planned for early. However, a simple act like bringing in the right people at the right time will save the organization, which Hawkers can prove—this eyeglass selling organization brought in Alejandro Betancourt.

Alejandro Betancourt was welcomed to sunglasses company by Alex Moreno to help rescue the firm considering closing its doors. During the time, the company was experiencing financial losses and required the services of financial personnel to save it from the mess.

As an experienced entrepreneur, Betancourt brought with him a group of businesspeople who brought in more than $50 million to facilitate the growth of the eyeglasses company. He also strengthened the company’s management team by naming new faces like Nacho Puig, tasked with managing all development projects.

Under the leadership of Alejandro Betancourt, the stylish eye wear company has registered significant growth over the years. The company recently introduced eco-friendly sunglasses made from stylish materials and 100% sustainable packaging that attracted a large market. The company is also considering broadening its distribution networks to reach untapped markets like North America and Asia.

Another factor that can be attributed to the company’s success is making it a point to respond to client’s claims directly. Alejandro understands that the customer is the most important to an organization and hence should be given priority. Whenever there is an issue with the customers, Hawkers employees work hard to solve it as soon as possible.

Before Hawkers, Alejandro Betancourt worked for different high profiling companies around the globe up to 2012 when he founded O’Hara Administration. The asset management company has interests in a variety of asset vehicles all over the world. He bases his success in entrepreneurship on his two undergraduate degrees in economics and business administration from Suffolk University.

Hawkers Co. success story driven by Alejandro Betancourt