Top Industries To Invest In According To Sawyer Howitt

Millennial entrepreneurs are currently succeeding in the business world because they have embraced emerging technologies and disrupted the status quo. They have also known to think outside the box and take risks. Although millennial entrepreneurs sometimes reject the traditional ways of running corporate institutions, they are interested in creating companies, pursuing their passions as well as generating cash flow.

Sawyer Howitt, who is one of the successful millennial entrepreneurs, says that the top industries that millennial entrepreneurs have interest in have potential rewarding ventures. The sector of relaxation beverages is one of the top industries that millennial entrepreneurs are succeeding.

Relaxation beverages have emerged as a response to the many energy drinks being supplied to the market. Relaxation beverages are meant to enhance feelings of relaxation and tranquility and have ingredients such as vitamins, amino acids and chamomile. According to industry experts, substantial growth is projected in this industry.

Sawyer Howitt also says that corporate wellness is another top industry that millennial entrepreneurs need to venture into. As opposed to the past generation, the current generation is highly focused on preventive health care and health wellness. The purpose of corporate wellness firms is to offer invaluable services to all business organizations.

Gourmet street vending is also another leading industry for millennial entrepreneurs according to Sawyer Howitt. These include food trucks that serve delicious deserts, homemade fare and specialty drinks. Social network game development is a very promising industry for millennials due to the rise of social media platforms.

Sawyer Howitt works at the Meriwether Group where he is a Project Manager. He went to Lincoln High School situated in Portland, Oregon. Sawyer Howitt is a philanthropist and he is active in many charitable causes. He is involved in mentorship programs for the youth, champions for the rights of women and many others.

Sawyer Howitt has plans of attending the University of California in Berkeley.

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